Now that we’ve revealed our love for beer, beer taps, and anything with the word beer in it, let’s explore some of the top taps in the United States – and guess what, these beers generate the most revenue out of their competition. Take a peek!

Emerald City Beer Company: [Check it out]

Emerald City Beer Co has taken on the “comic” approach, they introduce their beer line with whichever comic represents the beer most. To put this into perspective nearly 1 million people monthly are reading comic books, another two million more are trading, buying, or collecting comic books. That adds up to 3 million people a month that are interested in comic books. Which beer do you think they’re buying?

Palmetto Brewing: [Check it out]

Palmetto Brewing was South Carolina’s very first brewery, hats off! After a 100 year vacation Palmetto Brewing came back with a vengeance….a tap vengeance. Their beer taps are made out of palm fronds and intricately designed to be both eye catching and geographically resourceful. Which beer do you think the South is buying?

Conquest Brewing Company: [Check it out]

Conquest Brewing Company ventured back hundreds of years to see what symbolized winners. What comes to mind? Sword fighting, shields, hunting, dominance etc. etc. That is exactly what they did, if they are a winning brewery why not have a tap that symbolizes winning such as a sword and shield? What beer do you think badasses are buying?

North Country Brewing: [Check it out]

North Country Brewing is one of our favorites with their Buck Snort Stout…why? Their beer tap resembles actual horns with a brought to life visual of a buck. Intertwining nature and beer is a leading way to catch the eye of anyone that enjoys either hunting or the outdoors. If you lived in the North and loved hunting which beer would you buy?

Lucette: [Check it out]

Lucette. Oh Lucette how we envy your beer Farmer’s Daughter. This specific brewery found that sex sells! And according to these beer taps-it really does, especially when mixed with a pale ale. These impressive hand crafted taps display a woman oozing intimacy off of her, while maintaining the “farmer’s daughter” personality. What kind of beer do you think a male wants to buy one that has a naked woman on it, or a wood tap with a sticker?