Why is the beer tap vitally important? A beer tap is the first things customers see when they enter a bar or restaurant. Aside from a customer already being familiar with the taste of a particular beer, the eye catching marketing is what draws in consumers who don’t know your beer or brand. If you spend ten hours a day, five days a week brewing beer, you should consider it your baby. Why would you want to downplay all the hard work, sweat, and dedication by introducing Mike’s Killer IPA with a sticker slapped onto a wooden tap? For someone that doesn’t know your beer, what does that say?


Over the past few years we’ve noticed the innovation injected into these taps, and we’ve seen the numbers (trust us, we’re the experts). As the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” – however, many beer drinkers indeed do judge. We are all guilty of it. Everyone is judging good marketing all the time because it’s what we remember, it’s what we relate to, and most importantly, it’s what we base our decisions on.

When you walk into a bar and see a selection of 20 taps, all of which are made of wood and have a white sticker with their name on it this makes the process for you to choose very hard.

However there is one tap that makes it very easy. Right in the middle that is an etched out, hand carved, meticulously painted, and nearly alive tap amongst all the plain beer taps. Which would you chose? We are confident the chances are with the one that catches your eye.

To conclude our first lesson in Tapology 101 let’s leave you with a scenario: Of 100 people wearing black, would you be curious about the one person wearing neon green? Let’s make people curious about your beer.