A microbrewery is a small brewing operation with limited output. Although it sounds tiny, it’s extremely mighty and with that comes the classier term for microbrewery, “craft brewery”.

Why have people fallen in love with microbreweries across the United States? The localization of microbreweries has become more and more attractive to the consumer – it’s been stated that a local taste is more appealing than a bland, one-size-fits all traditional beer. To put this in simpler terms, microbreweries are to beer what as mom-and-pops are to restaurants. Exactly what we all want, and we stay committed when we find one that we love.

So where does East Coast Taps fit in with this trend? Well, the brewing hobby in the United States has really taken off within the past five years, so much that the industry has generated over $7 billion in revenue-sober or drunk that’s a lot of money. But how are these microbreweries creating buzz? How does a brewer stand out amongst the other 108,440 employed brewers?

That’s where we come in.

East Coast Taps was born inside an Irish Pub and identified the need for these stellar beers to be supported by kick ass marketing. How do brewers market? Brewfests? Websites? Word of mouth? All of the above plus one specific visual-their beer tap. On average it takes an amateur drinker roughly 10 seconds to decide which beer fits them that night, which means you have the customer’s attention for nearly a second while they skim the remaining 30, 60 or 100 taps.

Dare we continue?

Unfortunately, it has been proven that the beer tap is one of the last stages of a brewer’s launch -why?! We want your consumers to taste the hard work and long hours put into your beer, so how will you sell beer to more people? How will you look more awesome than your competition? That’s up to you, we’re just good at advice and making badass beer taps.