How much do custom taps cost?

One Offs: Starts around $150 / unit
Custom Design for Production: Starts around $1,000 / mold
Prototyping: Starts around $250 / unit
Volume: As low as $30 / tap over 25 taps
Low Volume: As low as $50 / tap under 25 taps

How long does getting a tap made take?

This depends on how complex the design is, how many revisions you require, and what the order needs are. We take brand launches and seasonal releases into consideration - if you have a deadline, let us know.

Do you have any minimum order sizes?

No. There are no minimums, however, one-offs will be created with a mold that can only produce a handful of taps. Should you want to duplicate your one-off, please let us know so we can handle your request.

Do I own the design?

You own the design, but the tap is a one-off, the mold must be licensed for duplication.

After I made just one tap, can I order more after?

You can!

What is your return policy?

These are custom taps, so although we guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of the work, there are no refunds due to the nature of the custom design.

What type of material do you use?

That's a trade secret! Our material is non-toxic in its final form, and not harmful to kids or pets. We don't recommend using a tap as a chew toy, though.

Where are my taps made?

Our taps are hand-poured at our manufacturing facility, connected to our office, in Indian Orchard, MA.

What's your favorite beer?

Whatever beer you're selling!